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M2400-3-10KP Wireless aircraft platform system

M2400-3-10KP Wireless aircraft scale, three wireless 10,000lb platforms with 30 inch long wood plank type ramps for easy pull ups.  USB antenna, laptop computer included running Win 10

Wireless Wireless Laptop unit, 10,000lb platforms with 30 inch aluminum ramps, NIST traceable calibration
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Wireless operation is accomplished with our USB antenna powered by a standard laptop computer running Win8. Platforms are self powered and have over a year of power on board, computer uses its on board battery supply so your system is completly wireless.
Small piston aircraft or medium jets like this Lear are easily weighed using our wireless kits. Dual wheels? No problem, our kit can weigh dual wheel aircraft using a single platfrorm as shown with one wheel off the side.
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Our wireless systems have many features and below are some of our specifications:

Sealed water-proofed wireless sensor network unit designed to integrate with load cells.  Network capable allows several load cells to be active and used for differant applications.

IP65 NEMA4 enclosure measuring 59 x 76.6 x 30mm 

A complete battery powered module running AA or CC standard batteries, provides up to 300 ft in range

Exceptionally low power for long battery life (up to 1 year and three months tested on AA batteries)

High speed 200 updates per second

High Resolution up to 1 part in 400,000 (18bit)

The integral antenna supplied on the module, USB antenna supplied for laptop computer, PC or tablet operation.

The high accuracy, low noise measurement deliver high resolution, low drift results which can be user calibrated over 9 points to enable linearization and to deliver results in user definable engineering units. The results can be transmitted at rates up to 200 per second to other devices such as handheld tablet, PC or the standard laptop computer supplied.

The module is configured and calibrated (either by applying known inputs or by table entry) on a PC connected to the base station.

The licence free 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®. FCC, ETSI and IC approvals.


General Radio

Licence   Licence Excempt    
Modulation Method   MS (QPSK)    
Radio Type   Transceiver (2 way)    
Data Type   250   K bits/sec
Radio Freqeuncy  2.4000   2.4835 GHz 
Power   1   mw
Integral Antenna     100 (325) Metres (feet) ** 
External Antenna      200 (650) Metres (feet) **
Channels (DSSS)   16    
Battery Supply Voltage 2.1 3.0 3.6 VDC
IP Rating   IP65 / NEMA 4    
Operating Temperature Range* -40 - +65* °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 - +85 °C 
Humidity 0   95% RH
Specifications with 100R bridge, 2.25mV/V at 3V supply at 25 Deg C
Strain Gauge excitation System   4 wire     
Strain gauge Excitation Voltage 4.5 5 5.25  VDC
Strain Gauge Drive Capacity 85  - 5000  Ohms
Maximum Gauge Sensitivity (FR)     3.2 ±mv/V
Offset Temperature Stability   1 4 ppm/C
Gain Temperature    3 5 ppm/C 
Offset Stability with Time   20 80 ppm of FR (1)
Gain Stability with Time     30 ppm of FR (2)
Non Linearity before Linearization   5 25 ppm of FR
Internal Resolution   16,000,000/24   Resolution/Bits
Noise Free where Sample Time < 10mS   50,000/15.5    Resolution/Bits
Noise Free where Sample Time < 50mS   65,000/16    Resolution/Bits
Noise Free where Sample Time < 100mS   150,000/17.25   Resolution/Bits
Noise Free where Sample Time < 1000mS   250,000/18   Resolution/Bits 
Noise Free where Sample Time > 1000mS   400,000/18.75   Resolution/Bits