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100,000 lb wireless cell mounted on a large aircraft jack. Note, the jack did not have the mounting hole required for use, one of our 5.0 jack adapters was used to overcome the issue. Large cell format for large jet jack points.
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Here you can see a large jet being weighed via the stanard aircraft jack points. Using your jacks you already have for aircraft maintenance, simply interface the cells to the jacks. Note the size of the jack poiont and how well the cell captures it for positive retention.
Our 100K cells also capture most large corporate jet aircraft jack points as shown.
Our system also has a MAP function as shown, the customer can supply or upload their line drawings into our system. MAP uses live tiles and has a full print out capable out put as an HTML document.
Our system is also available with our hand held HH2400 wireless transceiver. If you do not want a laptop for your read out, we offer our hand held as a simple wireless device to read all load cells and also provide a total of all load cells. Price is the same, just order HH2400-3-100CS