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M2400-3-25CS wireless top of jack load cell system including laptop computer.
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Our cells have a wireless module, each module runs on standard AA batteries lasting 1.5 years in service, easy use, no wirels.
Standard jack top mounting with a one inch stud, fits most Tronair type jacks. However if you have a Meyers jack, we make adapters for those as well!
Just click this picture to go to our jack adapter page. NOTE: Adapters are not included, they are an option and available in two sizes for small and large jack rams.

M2400-3-25CS top of jack system has three 25,000 lb load cells, three wireless modules, USB antenna and 15.6 inch laptop computer.  System range is 150 ft and runs on standard batter power, your only limited by your laptop battery if running with no outside power!  Of course the system plugs in to a standard 110 or 220 Euro power outlet.